Project Description

Standing Rock Telecom saw a need and filled it by offering wireless service to the Standing Rock area. They also realized they needed to stay up to date in regards to their website, so they contacted iWerx to help.

We developed a fully responsive site that serves as a sales tool as well as a connection to their current and potential customers.

What Our Client Had To Say.

Coming into our 4th year of being stagnant with our website, I made the choice to redo our website and through various networking I met the people from iWerx Media & Advertising. It did not take long to discuss what we collectively felt should look like and where we should take it. After construction of the site, Duffy and Steve frequently communicate with Standing Rock Telecom, going over any new updates, preventing a stagnant website. Ultimately, we are greatly satisfied where we are going with our partnership and look forward to future endeavors with iWerx. ”

-Fred McLaughlin, General Manager, Standing Rock Telecommunications Inc.

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